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Without weights on your tyres and wheels, where would you be!? In all seriousness, accurate wheel balancing is one of the most important elements of the tyre fitting service we provide at ALPHA Tyres.

The art of wheel balancing - yes, it is an art form! - is completed in store using a computerised, state-of-the-art machine that accurately reads the discrepancies between the wheel & tyre. Our professional tyre fitting staff will then correct balance between the wheel and tyre using a selection of weights to ensure that your ride is smooth, your tyres are lasting the extra mile, and you’re safe on the road.


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We see many customers come in with the concern of vibration at higher speeds, or wobbling in their steering, and our first port of call post completing a test drive is to always visit the vehicle’s wheel balance and wheel weights. For such small additions to your wheels, they can make a big difference to your driving experience, regardless of how new your tyres are.

Wheel balancing in Echuca

At ALPHA Tyres we ensure all new tyre purchases are balanced to perfection, and proudly offer rotation and balance services at an affordable flat rate on all vehicles. Visit us today to improve your ride by miles!

Wheel Balancing Echuca FAQ

Balanced wheels improve driving performance, ride & comfort, tyre life and economy, and can even improve your fuel economy! Without it, you can experience vibration, wobbling, poor steering and noise whilst driving. Plus – most significantly, your tyres will wear out well before they should. Fractions of a gram can cause the slightest imbalance, but seriously make a huge difference to your driving experience.

When new tyres are fitted, or a tyre is removed for repair. Basically any time a vehicle has its tyre removed and stripped from the rim, this is when we will rebalance them.

There are two types of imbalance in your tyres and wheels that you may experience.

Static imbalance affects the rolling of the tyre; usually this is caused from a heavier or lighter spot in the tyre, resulting in vertical vibration that feels like hopping or bouncing.

Dynamic imbalance is lateral vibration, or a side to side ‘wobble’ in your tyres and occurs when an unequal weight on one or both sides of the tyre and/or wheel.

Modern cars are made a lot lighter than their predecessors, which means you may feel these slight – sometimes less than a few grams – uneven distributions or changes in weights dramatically when you are driving, and it’s usually at faster speeds – around 80 – 100km per hour.

If you’re experiencing any sort of vibration or movement in your vehicle when driving, assessing the balance of your tyres and wheels is generally our first step in diagnosis. This is for a couple of reasons:

  • It’s very common – wheel weights are very small, light and can be easily dislodged from the wheel for a multitude of reasons including weather changes, dirt and dust, off road driving, hitting a pothole or uneven surface, and more.
  • It’s affordable, fast and an easy fix – checking the wheel balance on all four tyres can take as little as 15 minutes, saving you precious time.
  • Multi tasking – we can check other steering and suspension components on your vehicle, free of charge, when rebalancing your wheels which can help with the diagnosis if it’s something other than the wheels becoming unbalanced.


And what if it’s NOT the wheel balance that’s causing the issue? Other common issues could be a buckled rim, wheel alignment, steering components fatigued or worn, or something more sinister but never fear – our highly skilled and professional team will take the worry out of you with a full and proper diagnosis so you are informed and leave with your vibration problems rectified.

It is imperative to have your steer truck tyres balanced yes, because just like a passenger vehicle, imbalance steers negatively impact the tyre life and longevity, cause a terribly uncomfortable ride and more. 


With trailers and caravans balancing your tyres is not so imperative because you’re not seating passengers within this vessel and won’t notice the vibration or movement of unbalanced tyres at all. But – your wish is our command and if you’d prefer it, we’ll do it! 

It’s essential to keep your caravan in alignment though for the same reasons as a vehicle – so check out the FAQs on wheel alignments.


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