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ALPHA Tyres is your one stop shop for Agricultural tyres. When it comes to Agricultural tyres we want to make sure we deliver the right product for your needs. We offer a wide range of brands in all shapes and sizes from premium Agricultural tyre brands, mid range and then the most competitive prices on Agricultural tyres in your entry level brands.


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Application is a big factor when our professional team are suggesting agriculture and implement related tyre products. It can be very difficult when it comes to tractor tyres as there are so many different sizes and then you’ll find a vast choice of load ratings and speed ratings even within the same size. There’s lots of little numbers and letters to decode that make a vast difference to the performance and longevity of an agriculture tyre!

Expect our team to ask you some pointed questions regarding your agriculture tyres when you call us for a quote - this is so we ensure we provide the best product for your application, and provide you best bang for buck long term.

Agricultural tyres in Echuca

Tractor tyres are a big investment for anyone so please don’t hesitate to reach out and talk to our team or alternatively here are some FAQ’s that we can help you with straight away!

Agricultural Tyres Echuca FAQ

Short answer might be yes, however we don’t recommend it! Although you might be getting the desired outcome with your machine and gaining traction – it will have a negative effect on the longevity of your agricultural tyres. We might suggest using factory weights on the hubs, nose or tail of the machine while reducing pressures while at work. But our recommendation is to avoid water filling.

This one might sound simple but in the agricultural tyre game there are a lot of contributing factors we need to consider:

  • Load on machine or hauling
  • Speed we are working
  • Terrain for the job
  • Brand (some brands work better with different pressures)


A general rule we need to familiarise ourselves with is – the lower the pressure, the better traction we will get and more comfort in the machine. However the lower the pressure the more stress it puts on our tyres and may limit the longevity of our tractor tyres. We need to try to find the balance.

The best solution is to give us a call and have the discussion with one of our professional team members at ALPHA tyres.

There is no straight answer to this one. In a lot of cases “yes” it can be done because of the large repairable surface area, slow operating machinery and low pressure. It is always to be determined by our professional agricultural tyre technician. We also have an option to do a major vulcanizing tyre repair. We need to remember when repairing side walls this is usually a short term fix as we will soon notice stress fractures begin to form around the tyre.

Bias tyres are made by crisscrossing cords of polyester and nylon belts at a 30 to 45-degree angle to the tread’s centre line. Whereas Radials are constructed with crisscrossing steel belts underneath the tread and increase structural integrity. It’s important to remember when replacing tyres that we marry up radials with radials and bias with bias.

This really depends on the product. Unfortunately in recent years there are no longer any products manufactured in Australia. Majority of the product we see in Australia are made in China, India and Europe. Remember that it’s not so much about where they are made but more about the brand who is responsible for engineering and quality control.


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