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ALPHA Tyres is an independent, family owned business which means we proudly have access to all the brands you know and love. If you’re after it - we can find it! Every shopper is individual, and each customer we proudly quote and service has a different budget that decides what they’d like to spend on their car for totally unique reasons.


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You may be selling your vehicle, just needing to pass a roadworthy, own a special use car or it’s the pride and joy of the offroading club. Whatever your needs, we promise to meet your expectations with product and pricing on all passenger, all terrain and mud terrain tyre products.

At ALPHA Tyres we are passionate about our customers returning well past the one sale or transaction. So did you also know we offer a Lifetime Maintenance Plan with all passenger & 4x4 tyre sales? This includes:

  • Free puncture repairs for the LIFE of the tyre
  • Complimentary rotations*
  • Complimentary safety checks
  • … and much more. Just ask our friendly staff for the details!

Passenger & 4x4 Tyres in Echuca

Whether you come in or contact us knowing exactly what brand and size you’re after, or you’re not even sure of your tyre size - never fear. Our professional and friendly staff are trained to ask the right questions to help quote, order and fit the perfect tyre for your vehicle needs.

Tyres & Wheels Echuca FAQ

There are many reasons that may determine the brand we quote for you, and it all comes down to YOU – our valued customer!

As an independent retailer, we can access all products – although we do have our favorites – but this also means we don’t get any kickbacks into our back pocket for pushing you to certain products. This means every time we quote your tyres, we are only focusing on your needs, with no bias or ulterior motives involved.

In saying this there’s no wrong or right tyre to buy, as long as we ask you the right questions during the sale we know you’ll be happy as they will suit your particular need.

We don’t like to use the word ‘budget’ as every budget is different. When we talk about more entry level products this generally is a tyre branded with a name you haven’t heard of before and is at the lower end of the pricing scale. In most instances for passenger tyres, this price difference comes from this name on the tyre. For premium brands, the construction may also be of a higher quality, the tyre may come out of a specialized factory outside of China or India (for example, Mickey Thompson tyres are made in USA which is why they are extremely expensive) and the technology or patents behind the production may be owned by the brand and researched to be the best of the best for that purpose; for example Yokohama have extremely complex technology for their different tyre patterns.

Particularly with 4WD tyres you will notice a huge difference in driving quality, road noise and the kilometers your tyres will see when you purchase a premium, recognised brand over a budget product. You can even see the difference when you look at them – cheaper brands will be more ‘plastic’ looking and be more open patterned, which can create more road noise.

Again, there is no right or wrong – just the right tyre for your specific needs.

A lot of traditional tyre marketing campaigns centralise around a promise of ‘80,000km or 100,000km+.’ At ALPHA Tyres we’re realists, and it’s not often at all you’ll hear us make these premises to you.

Why? Not because the tyre can’t do it, but because all vehicles, roads and humans are different!

f you’re driving a Pirelli high performance road track tyre constantly on dirt roads let me tell you – you aren’t going to see the promised mileage and life that tyre promises in its ads, simply for the fact that the application for your purchase is not well suited. This is why it may feel that we ask you loads of questions when you come in or call to discuss a tyre quote. We are simply trying to match your needs to the product perfectly and there is no disappointment.

Modern roads are constructed with specific camber so you don’t have an accident but this can also contribute to tyre wear. Modern vehicles also sit differently on the roads; European cars or heavier SUV vehicles like your Range Rovers all wear tyres differently to a Toyota Camry or a Landcruiser.

If mileage and those extended kilometers are your top purchase priority we assure you we’ll quote a tyre that meets your needs.

However we also don’t BS and we’re not going to promise you something that isn’t possible like other larger retail chains. This is why we offer your Lifetime Maintenance Plan complementary with all passenger and 4×4 tyres – so your tyres are getting cared for ongoing, not just a promise on one transaction.

Firstly – by shopping with us! We ensure a Price Match Guarantee from any other local competitor, we work with some of the best brands to suit your specific needs.
But it’s not necessarily about buying the most expensive tyre or reputable brand when it comes to value for money.

We offer complimentary rotations twice throughout the duration of your tyre life, and free puncture repairs for the life of the tyre. This lifetime maintenance plan really sets us apart from other retailers, as it’s adding value well past that purchase transaction.

Regular vehicle servicing, safety checks and checking of wheel alignment is really integral to getting the most value out of your purchase too, and these are all things we can help you with any time you pop in.

There’s many ways we can service your tyre quote! Social media, our website contact form or chat box, text us, or call us. If you want to go really olds school – just call in! We’re open 5.5 days a week 8am to 5pm weekdays and 8 – 12pm Saturdays.

For the most prompt reply times please note calling is the quickest method and you’ll always be connected to a helpful sales team member – 03 4417 9416.


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Alpha Tyres has a team of qualified tyre technicians, and specialised equipment to get you back on the road safely.

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There’s no need to go elsewhere - we’ve got your tyres & wheels, alignments, mechanical, repairs, servicing, suspension & road worthies sorted in one convenient place.


Lifetime Maintenance Plan

We want to keep you as our customer long past the initial sale. This means FREE puncture repairs on pass/4WD tyre sales, complimentary rotations & more.


Independent & Family Owned

As an independent we have access to any and all products, and you can trust in knowing you’re supporting a 100% locally owned and operated family startup.


Price Match Guarantee

We pride ourselves on value for money - and guarantee to match any other local competitor prices on the same product.


People Over Profits

Although young at heart, the ALPHA crew engrains old school genuine service from the ground up. This attitude has got us to where we are today!

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