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Wheel alignments are an essential part of regular vehicle maintenance, as they provide the ability to adjust the camber, caster and toe to ensure you are:

  • Driving straight on the road, minimising risk of accidents - a straight steering wheel and slight drift to the left is generally the guide
  • Your tyres are wearing evenly, saving you precious dollars
  • Any steering components aren’t compromised to cause unnecessary damage to your vehicle
  • You feel confident in the ability of your car to do the kms you need to do in daily life

All ALPHA Tyres retail stores proudly use modern wheel alignment machines to service your vehicle in the highest regard.


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The tell-tale sign of your car being out of alignment is smooth inside or outside edges on your tyres, which we can spot as soon as we look at your vehicle, and will educate you on how to spot it too! You may also notice a wonky steering wheel, or that your far is floating off the road left or right when you take your hands off the wheel.

A wheel alignment is generally offered when you book in for new tyres, but we always check your vehicle first as if you don’t have any signs of the alignment being out we definitely don’t make you pay for one! If you’re not sure if you need one, just ask. We are happily here to help and advise.

Wheel alignments in Echuca

ALPHA Tyres offers one flat rate for wheel alignments on any passenger and 4WD vehicles. Contact our friendly retail staff today to book in for a complimentary inspection and wheel alignment today.

Wheel Alignments Echuca FAQ

Wheel alignments keep your car in alignment with the roads to avoid premature tyre wear and fatigue. It’s the best way to get bang for buck for your tyre purchase and keep you feeling safe on the road!

We recommend checking wheel alignments every 10,000 to 20,000km depending on the vehicle or your driving habits. Generally, completing a wheel alignment twice a year is more than sufficient if you’re driving on highway roads, regularly servicing your vehicle and don’t tow or go off road often.

However – listen to your vehicle! There are critical times to get a wheel alignment. This can be if:

  • Your vehicle is pulling left or even more importantly right
  • You’ve taken your 4WD off-road – which of course we encourage in safe measures, because it’s bloody fun!
  • You notice your tyres are wearing unevenly.
  • You’ve recently been involved an accident – minor or major, or even if you hit a pot hole or kerb a little too hard. YES – little things like this can dramatically impact your wheel alignment
  • Before a big trip or holiday, or if you are preparing to tow a heavy load or have recently been carrying heavy loads. YES – this can impact your wheel alignment!
  • If you’ve upgraded your suspension – whether lifted or lowered your vehicle. We also recommend a secondary wheel alignment post suspension changes after 500-1000km as it can move in a short period of time post replacing and regreasing all these components.


If you have the niggling feeling something might be up with your wheel alignment or vehicle in general, we encourage you to come into our stores and speak to one of our friendly and professional staff. We’re here to help, and happily give free advice and checks to keep you feeling safe and confident on the road.

When we do a wheel alignment we go the Full Enchilada – not just a “toe and go.” Adjusting the toe on any vehicle can take 5-10 minutes and will 99.9% of the time result in your car driving perfectly straight but it is not going to prevent uneven tyre and mechanical wear as it’s adjusting the vehicle’s alignment properly. Think of it as the shortcut with poor results.

We use high quality machines that measure and adjust camber, caster and toe to ensure any issues are ironed out in the hour that your vehicle is under our care. We also take every single vehicle for a test drive to ensure the alignment is correct and if it’s not – you bet, we are putting it up again.

In the short term this may take a bit longer than other stores to do a wheel alignment at ALPHA Tyres but you are guaranteed to have the job done completely and properly the first time, and save time returning later with other issues

We love offering the most value possible to our customers, but you’ll rarely see us provide free wheel alignments. Why? A wheel alignment is an exceptionally technical service, one we value in the highest regard. Our wheel aligners are highly trained and certified in the practice – it’s not just something anyone can do. We proudly own top of the range wheel alignment machines in our Cohuna and Moama store, and the process of completing an accurate wheel alignment takes up to an hour with full adjustments and test driving. We value this service and its importance and this is why we charge accordingly.

Give us a call, send an enquiry on socials or text us! We’ll happily book you in and can generally do so that day, or the following day.


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