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Even the strongest tyres and most recognised tyre brands are still susceptible to punctures, and at ALPHA Tyres we know they can happen at any time! This is why we are proud to offer expert puncture repairs for all customers vehicles, regardless of the type or size.


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A puncture repair occurs when the tyre has been impacted by a foreign object that pierces the rubber, causing the tyre to deflate. Our expert tyre fitters always remove the tyre from your car and the rim, fully inspecting and assessing the repair for you.

Puncture repair in Echuca

ALPHA Tyres is proud to offer on-the spot tyre repairs for our retail customers. Generally this means if you notice a puncture on your vehicle, give our store a quick call or pop in and we can get started on your repair right away and you’ll be on the move again before you know it.

Puncture Repair Echuca FAQ

Pretty much anything! From wheelbarrow to tractor tyres we have the capability to repair all sizes, shapes and types of tyre.

99.9% of the time we begin the repair process by firstly pumping the tyre right up with air and checking where the puncture has occurred on the tyre. This helps save time as we’re isolating the exact location of the tyre. We then strip the tyre off the rim, clean the tyre out, buff the repair spot, patch and glue the repair and refit and rebalance the tyre before bolting it back onto your vehicle. It’s a bit of a process, but you can be guaranteed it’s done correctly each and every time using this process.

If we cannot create a seal or if the tyre is leaking porous a standard patch repair wont hold so we may fit a new tube inside the tyre against the rim for you to keep you moving

If it’s a passenger or 4WD tyre that you’ve purchased from us – all repairs are complimentary for the life of the tyre. How good’s that! Otherwise, pricing is as follows:

  • Passenger/trailer/small commercial tyre $38
  • LT/4WD tyre $40
  • Truck tyre $69
  • Agriculture tyre – POA (depending on size)


Please note – if your tyre requires a tube there will be an additional charge for the tube product. Otherwise a basic repair includes patching the hole only.

We do! If you’re stuck and in need of a roadside or emergency on site repair, simply call our friendly team and someone will be there as soon as possible. Please note – a call out charge based on kms traveled is charged on top of the repair price.

We always try our hardest to repair the tyre for you, if we can. There may be some instances however where a repair is not possible:

  • The puncture has occurred too close to the side wall of the tyre, hence making it unsafe and at risk of blowing out
  • Severe damage has occurred to the tyre during the puncture occuring
  • The tyre has been run flat, or driven on when underinflated, damaging the inside wall
  • It’s been blown out completely
  • The rim has been damaged and needs to be repaired or straightened to create a seal for air
  • The tyre is at end of life and it would not be safe or cost effective to repair an unroadworthy tyre


In this case we will offer you options to keep you moving. We are proud to offer a full tyre replacement service, with a huge range of sizes suitable for car, SUV and 4WD vehicles. If the tyre isn’t available on the day we happily loan a second hand tyre until your replacement arrives, we can also offer you an affordable second hand tyre for purchase, or simply fit your spare for you if this is the best option at the time.


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Alpha Tyres has a team of qualified tyre technicians, and specialised equipment to get you back on the road safely.

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