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Become armed with the ultimate preventative measure in tyre care! Support your Lifetime Maintenance Plan by regularly rotating your tyres to get the best value for money from your purchase with us at ALPHA Tyres. By regularly rotating your tyres front to rear or side to side, you are guaranteed to extend and exceed their life and performance, and it’s a quick and affordable process. Win win!


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Every vehicle is unique, and modern tyre tread patterns and the introduction of many front-wheel drive cars has increased the humble tyre rotations' importance. So how often should we rotate our tyres? As a rule of thumb we recommend rotating your tyres every 10,000km to get the best value, even wear & best driving ability from your tyre purchase. We even put this handy reminder on your invoice with all tyre purchases to remind you.

Tyre rotation in Echuca

Your tyre tread is carefully designed and thoughtfully engineered to not only be functional but also, provide a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. So give back to your tyres in the ultimate way by allowing their technology to shine through even wear with regular rotations at ALPHA Tyres.

Tyre Rotation Echuca FAQ

All cars wear differently some quicker on the front some quicker on the rear. You’ll give them more mileage moving them around frequently between the faster or slower moving areas on the vehicle. Consequently this will save you money rather than wearing out one pair quicker than the other and needing to replace.

There are different methods and patterns for your rotation, which depending on the vehicle and drive type. An example is below – trust our staff to use the correct pattern and method to suit your vehicle best:

Staggered fitment on vehicles means that the tyres on your front or rear are wider or narrower than the rear, or vice versa. 

This means you can’t do a normal rotation from front to rear, only swapping opposite side on the same axle. And this can only be done if your tyres are not directional. 

Sometimes it can benefit to flip the tyre on the rim if a wheel alignment issue can’t be rectified. Otherwise, a wheel alignment should counteract uneven wearing of your tyres.

You may not notice it at first, however without any form of rotation on your vehicle you will undoubtedly be driving on uneven tyres. Particularly with modern vehicles being front wheel drive, the front tyres wear out a lot faster than the rear. This can impact performance and handling, specifically in wet or dirt road conditions.

Let us take the worry out of rotations for you – as we offer complimentary rotations with every tyre purchase** at ALPHA Tyres. We can send you a friendly reminder when you should be due for rotation, and will always rotate your tyres when we fit two tyres instead of four to maximise your value for money.

** T&C apply. Ask staff for details.

More often than not we only ever think about our tyres when there’s an issue – it’s gone flat, we lose steering or ability to move, or we’re not driving at our finest ability such as sliding around the road, slipping, road noise or more.

Rotating your tyres is the ultimate preventative measure – think of it as compulsory savings. One small regular transaction can save you hundreds of dollars in other areas, plus we’ll rebalance your front steer tyres and complete a complimentary safety check while we’re at it, and you’ll get change from a $50 note!


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